Oracle Universal Installer

Oracle Universal Installer 2.2

Integrates Java applications and extensions
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Handle complex programming, working and business environments by integrating Java-based applications with the universal installation tool. It recognizes compatible software components and enables different levels of the integrated bundle, suite, and Web-based installations.

Oracle Universal Installer is a Java application that can handle complex requirements. Oracle Universal Installer performs component-based installations and enables different levels of integrated bundle, suite, and Web-based installations, as well as complex logic in a single package. The installation engine is easily portable across all Java-enabled platforms, and platform-specific issues can be encapsulated from the overall installation process.
The Oracle Universal Installer provides the following capabilities for addressing software management and distribution:
-Automatic dependency resolution and complex logic handling
-Installation from the Web
-Component and suite installs
-Implicit de-install
-Support for multiple Oracle homes
-National Language Support (NLS)/globalization support
-Support for distributed installations
-Unattended "silent" installations using response files

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